New Blog!

This has been a long time coming, but I have been working on a new blog! It lives here. While I’ll leave this site up as an archive, all new posts will be put on the new site in the future.

I know I’ve been very inactive this year, but if anyone’s been holding out for new content, all of that will be on the new site. And there’s already new content if you’ve only been reading stuff found here on WordPress.

It’s still a little lackluster, e.g. it’s missing the ability to comment / follow. I’ll hopefully get an RSS feed up in the coming weeks.  EDIT: Here’s the longform RSS and the shortform RSS XML links.

Right now, my main priority is to backport / edit some old posts, so it can achieve the goals I laid out in my Year Three Review, where I wanted a shortform and a longform place to put my thoughts.


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