Introducing mindlevelup: The Book

In April 2017, I posted on the LessWrong forum that I would be writing a sequence of essays on instrumental rationality. But I’ve actually been trying to figure out this rationality stuff for more than four months, and I’ve been documenting my thoughts on my blog mindlevelup.

You probably already knew that.

Anyway, the point is that I finally compiled and edited enough content to actually make a real “book” about rationality! It clocks in at about 30,000 words and 150 pages, and it’s composed of content from January 2017 up until now.

First off, there’s some tasty new content! The Book has essays that haven’t shown up on the blog yet. The Starting Advice and Closing Disclaimer sections are entirely new essays, and the Attractor Theory section has been completely rewritten.

As for the rest of the content, while it’s probably something you’ve already seen in some form from older posts, I’ve also edited a good portion of them for increased clarity.

So, where can you read this fantastic book?

The best way to read the book from the Google Doc link, which will get the fastest updates, as that’s the actual doc I use for writing.

There’s also a PDF link, if you want to read it on the go. (But it’ll also update slowly, alas.)

Lastly, of course, you could read it here on mindlevelup. (Which’ll also be behind the Google Doc because editing on WordPress is time consuming.)

So, yeah. That’s the short explanation for why there haven’t been any new posts this month.

That, and ESPR. There’ll be a post up about that soon as well.

Expect some lengthy postmortem ramblings on what went well, what didn’t, and what I learned about these two projects.



  1. […] Introducing Mindlevelup The Book by mindlevelup – MLU compiled and edited their work from 2017 into a 30K word, 150 page book. Most of the material appeared on the blog but some of it is new and the pre-existing posts have been edited for clarity. […]


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