Equations in Meditations


Equations in Meditations has now been moved under Mathemagical Chapter 1 (same story, different heading)!

Mathemagical will hopefully update monthly.



    • Thanks! I didn’t know about the Dokan-Dakon spelling.

      I plan to storyboard this a little more /r/rational and hopefully turn it into a little longer story (it looks like there’s a lot of potential here for more buildup and fun things like trying to instantiate an instance of the Halting Problem in real life ^_^ )

      Also, I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on your own blog, but I love the stories you’ve written! I flipped out when I realized they were all in the same universe!


      • Glad you like my stories! Feedback keeps me writing. As you can probably tell, my stories have been inspired by /r/rational in general and HPMOR in particular.

        Back to your story, I think it’s a neat concept. It is yet another novel solution to the Fermi paradox!
        One thing that wasn’t so clear is what the entry barrier to discovering this ability/threat is. Is it a graduate level background in math? Then why wouldn’t someone like Newton or Leibniz or Ramanujam have discovered it already? Is the implication that every math prodigy uncovered the secret and decided not to reveal it due to the existential threat?
        I look forward to the continuation.


        • It does feel that way for the things you write, and I really love it.

          I agree that I’ve yet to do a good job of scoping out how “mathemagic” works, in terms of discovery. I will spend some more brain cycles on this.

          It hadn’t occurred to me that others before could have learnt it, and took it to the grave (I glossed over it in the original outline).

          Once I get a good chunk set up and written, I’ll probably start posting chapters on /r/rational.


  1. Typo: Your progress today was truly impressive, Sarah. We must talk talk more of this later, Bhante Dokan had said after I had floated down. …. talk talk

    Did you change the ending when you changed the title? I think I remember it as being slightly different.


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